Our Members

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Current Grace Notians

Christine Berlier (2011-Present)

Christine jumped at the idea of joining an a Cappella group when two members invited her, even though she grew up playing sports, not music! Christine loves to be active, have adventures and spend time with the people she loves. She studied abroad in Chile in college and lived in Peru for almost a year, which opened doors for her to teach 1st grade at a bilingual charter school. She is now an Instructional Coach (a teacher for teachers!). She sings alto... and tenor when needed. 

Lisa Johnson (2011-Present)  
Vice President

Lisa Johnson has been a Grace Notian since June of 2011. She has always loved singing since, well…forever and was so ecstatic when her coworker asked her to join The Grace Notes. She is married to her wonderful husband James Johnson, she works at a law firm in Palo Alto, and The Grace Notes is her sanity. The Monday Blues are no match to singing with friends! Her hobbies include singing (obviously), reading, and spending time with her family. Her favorite shape today is a heart, her favorite color is red, and her least favorite color is orange. OH yeah…she sings soprano and/or alto.
Melanie Neethling (2010-Present)
Melanie has been a lover of music her whole life.  Starting in choirs in 4th grade, Melanie was an avid participant of both choirs through school and church during high school.  Yet, it wasn't until college that she found her love for a Cappella with the group The Beat at UCSD.  Currently, Melanie is a high school social studies teacher who also loves to play and watch sports, spend time with friends and read.  She is thankful to all the past, current, and future Grace Notians for their dedication and love of bringing music to others!
Dan Neethling (2010-Present)

Founder and Musical Director

Dan has the wonderful pleasure of leading The Grace Notes.  His love of singing began in high school through the theater department.  In college he continued to sing in the theater and led an a cappella choir known as The Beat.  As an engineer, Dan loves the science of music, which brings a unique perspective to the group.  Dan is an avid bowler, both in the conventional sense and the Bocce sense, foosball player, and athlete of more traditional sports.  Dan would like to thank The Grace Notes for their never-ending enthusiasm and musical talent!
Robert Dewey (2013-Present)

Robert joined The Grace Notes in March of 2014 . He is a east coast transplant, originally from Vermont.  Robert has been an avid musician his entire life, playing the saxophone throughout elementary, middle, and high school.  In high school he began his exposure to singing (and acting) through participating in musicals - By By Birdie, The Music Man (Charlie Cowell), Beauty and the Beast (Lumiere), and Cinderella (Prince Charming).  He began his involvement in a cappella in college when he joined The Grace Notes (Penn State not CA) and continued singing after graduation in Project Philly.  Robert relocated to the bay area in the fall of 2013 to take a job at Google.  In addition to singing, he enjoys water sports (water skiing, tubing, kayaking, etc), wine tasting, bike rides, and spending time with family and friends.  He is thankful for all of his family and friends who continue to support him through all of his endeavors.
Allie Moya (2011-Present)  
Allie Moya is a student at Foothill Community College, majoring in psychology. She hopes to transfer to UOP and become a children’s music therapist. She was accepted into Bellacantorum, the highest a cappella group that was offered at Fremont High School. She has been in Grace Notes since November 6th, 2011 (Yes, that is the exact date she joined!). She has been singing her entire life and performed in a school talent show in 2nd grade. She sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow for her first a capella performance because the tape player wasn't working. She also sings at her church every Saturday night with a few of her friends. Singing has broadened her social life and helped her to find who she is and what she loves the most. Being able to share her passion for music with others is a joy that can’t be described with words.   
Beth Smith (2010-Present)
Assistant Musical Director  
Beth is a piano and voice instructor for children and has been a member of The Grace Notes since the beginning.  She was recently married and enjoys African safaris, gardening and cooking with her husband, Isaac.  In her spare time she enjoys writing music, reading books, and golfing.  She would like to thank The Grace Notes for giving her yet another music outlet and Isaac for his love and support.
Ray Wu (2016-Present)
Raymond is the newest member of the Grace Notes. He hails from Long Island, NY. His love for a cappella started in college and he has been singing ever since. He couldn't resist joining The Grace Notes when he was invited by Dan and Melanie. When he isn't singing, Ray likes to play guitar, watch plants grow, and hang out with friends.
Julie Galli (2013-Present)
Julie joined The Grace Notes in October 2013. Singing has always been one of her favorite activities and she was so glad that Katie invited her to join this awesome group! After graduating from UCSB, Julie went into the accounting world and currently works at a firm in Palo Alto. During her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing sports (especially soccer and volleyball), spending the day at the beach, and playing board/card games such as Monopoly Deal and Settlers. Julie sings soprano, her favorite color is blue, and her favorite animal is the dolphin. 



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